Draining for fluid retention

Size: 150 ml

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PBS Draining Power is a powerful drainer that will help you with fluid retention and oedematous cellulitis.

It is a 100% biological product and suitable for all skin types.

The improvements in the formula and the comfortable container with a spray dispenser make the application quick and easy, absorbing easily without leaving residue. The skin is left soft and hydrated, and the incorporation of a citrus extract provides an intense sensation of relaxation and well-being.

  • Smooths the skin
  • Reduces fluid retention.
  • One-step draining effect.

Comfortable application at home with a light massage. Daily application.

This new formula favours the penetration of micro-emulsified active ingredients with just a light massage. PBS Draining Power eliminates excess polysaccharides that accumulate around the adipocytes responsible for fluid retention. Its benefits are the elimination of toxins, the reduction of body volume, and the reduction of cellulite with orange peel skin.

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