Crystal Retinal 6


Stable Retinal Night Serum. High-potency Vitamin A.

Size: 30ml.

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Discover how to have radiant and youthful skin with Crystal Retinal 6, a powerful overnight serum that can offer results comparable to clinical grade vitamin A up to 11 times faster than the classic forms of retinol. Unlike retinol, which must first become retinaldehyde and then retinoic acid (the active form of vitamin A) in the skin, Crystal Retinal requires only one conversion to retinoic acid.

This accelerated action quickly regenerates the skin while rebuilding collagen to promote a youthful and radiant complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, the texture of the skin is soft and flexible, and the overall tone is illuminated and cleared up.

  • It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks*, as it acts 11 times faster than the classic forms of retinol.
  • It works in synergy with the natural mechanisms of the skin to increase the production of collagen.
  • It regenerates and renews to reveal a visibly more radiant complexion with a more even tone.
  • It hydrates the skin at several levels and gives a plump, soft, and more youthful complexion.
  • It eliminates the bacteria causing imperfections and outbreaks.
  • It uses an innovative encapsulation system that gradually releases retinaldehyde into the skin for minimal irritation.

* In a study of 20 people who used Crystal Retinal 6 for 4 weeks.

The application of Crystal Retinal 6 should be introduced gradually. Use it twice a week for the first 2 weeks, alternate nights for the next 2 weeks, and then use it every night.

After cleaning at night, apply a small amount on the face and neck before applying your usual Medik8 moisturiser.

Always use sunscreen while using Crystal Retinal 6. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

Retinaldehído de liberación prolongada – Un activo encapsulado de alto rendimiento que mejora la producción de colágeno y la regeneración celular para promover un cutis más joven. Probado para funcionar hasta 11 veces más rápido que las formas estándar de retinol, este activo de próxima generación proporciona resultados comparables a la vitamina A de potencia médica, sin dejar de ser tan suaves para la piel como las retinoles tradicionales.


Ácido hialurónico – Con una capacidad única de atraer y retener más de 1.000 veces su propio peso en agua, esta molécula que retiene la humedad atrae el agua del aire hacia la piel para proporcionar una hidratación intensa. De origen natural en el cuerpo, también amortigua las células de la piel para dar un efecto repulpado instantáneo.


Vitamina E – Este potente antioxidante se dirige a los radicales libres para reducir la tasa de envejecimiento prematuro, al tiempo que aumenta la capacidad de retención de humedad de la piel para promover una hidratación óptima. Funciona en sinergia con la vitamina C para aumentar el efecto antioxidante general.

Glicerina – Como un humectante natural, la glicerina atrapa el agua dentro de la piel para dejarla hidratada y cómoda.Retinaldehyde prolonged release – A high performance encapsulated active ingredient that improves collagen production and cell regeneration to promote a younger complexion. Proven to work up to 11 times faster than standard forms of retinol, this next-generation active ingredient provides results comparable to medical-grade vitamin A, while remaining as mild to the skin as traditional retinols.

Hyaluronic acid – With a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times its own weight in water, this moisture-retaining molecule attracts water from the air to the skin to provide intense hydration. Naturally-occurring in the body, it also softens the skin cells to give an instant plumping effect.

Vitamin E – This powerful antioxidant targets free radicals to reduce the rate of premature ageing while increasing the skin’s moisture retention capacity to promote optimal hydration. It works in synergy with vitamin C to increase the overall antioxidant effect.

Glycerine – As a natural moisturiser, glycerine traps water inside the skin to leave it hydrated and comfortable.